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Roll us issues for project

I am working on implementing Clarizen to help manage our new product development projects. I am having an issue with getting values to roll up/down and I was wondering if there is a solution to this issue or if something could be built custom to solve this issue. Here is a description of what I would like to do:

We are using a 5 stage gate process for New product development. We have made each stage gate a milestone and under each milestone will be a list of tasks and sub tasks. We want consistency in the inputs from the project view level all the down to the task/subtask level. For example, if I input an annual volume at the project level, I would like to see the same value at the task/subtask level for all tasks/subtasks. How can I accomplish this in Clarizen?

Second, I would like to be able to update values at the task/subtask level and have those propagate through all subtasks/tasks/milestones and back to the parent project? And instead of using sum, avg, min or max as my roll up options, I would like for the value to be the most recent. Is there a way to configure this in Clarizen? Can we build something custom?


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Hi Stephan,

It is possible via a workflow rule for each field you want the data to populate. Let assume that the field API name is $C_Product.
You should:
1 .Set up a workflow rule on the Work Item level.
2. That would be triggered up when a record created/edited.
3. Evaluation criteria: isNew() || isChanged($C_Product)
4. Action Update field: Project.WorkItems.Product
5. Value $C_Product

Please let me know if it makes sense and that you got this to work. If you are still struggling I would suggest you join one of our Advanced Configuration Office Hours -

Good luck!

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