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Using Shortcuts for Cross-project Dependencies within Gantt View

I am working with a multi-project Gantt. I add a shortcut of a task from one project to another project to be able to create cross-project dependencies. I can use this shortcut as a predecessor within the project Gantt by dragging the relevant task. However, when I click on the Predecessor column, the dialog box that comes up only includes the project tasks, not the shortcuts. This is difficult when there is a large time gap between the day the task is automatically created at and the time the shortcutted task is planned for. I have to manually adjust the start date of the task so it shows up in the same view as the shortcut, link the two by dragging and dropping, then reset the start date so it is no longer manually determined.

Is this a bug or am I going about this the wrong way?

Steve Crowe Answered

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I am not certain if this is a bug or functionality limitation. please submit a request and provide details of what you are trying to do, screen captures showing the issue and access for us to investigate.

Thank you

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