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Customization Documentation

Is there any documentation that is a little more geared towards options for customization? I am finding the user manual more for basics instead of detailed for customization. For example, if I want to put criteria about a particular item, there is nothing that gives me the details around the item - such as a to-do task being referenced as a floatingtask. I could really use more information around the various options and how they relate/work together.

Additionally, how do I reference the new item's ID when it is created? Is there a way to reference the new item ID on a subsequent action?

These seem pretty simple, but I cannot find anything about it and everything I've tried did not work.


Jen Bran Answered

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Hi Jen,

There as ongoing effort to improve our documentation around our customization module. I think the best way to get more knowledge and best practices around it is to join our Advanced Configuration Office hours webinar that our team hosts 3 times a week - you can register here:
Regarding to your specific question - every time you create a new item, you can see it is being referred as NewObject1 (NewObject2,3....) and you can refer it on the subsequent actions.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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