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Work Item Description text area limited to 1600 characters


We recently had a problem with an integration through the API as we were creating a task with a description field of almost 2000 characters. However, it was failing with an error stating that the max length is 1600 characters for that field. I recalled reading in the documentation that the max length for text areas was 2000 (and we had a validation for that in our software), so I checked again and was surprised to found not only that, but that description fields are supposed to be limitless:

TextArea Field Type

Text Area fields can contain long text such as work item descriptions or comments.

Note: Text Area fields are limited to 2000 characters, with the exception of the Description text area fields, which are limitless.

Has this changed lately?


Antonio Moya Answered

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This is a documentation bug.
The length was always 512 and was increased to 1600 about a year ago.

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