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New to Clarizen, using API questions

We are evaluating switching to Clarizen and I need to determine the best way to phase in integration with our organization.

I'm having trouble piecing together how the API will work for accomplishing specific task.  I understand data in Clarizen is object oriented and in order to preform CRUD operations on the data you use /services/data/objects/ endpoint.  

To perform tasks on a specific entity you use  /services/data/objects/{typeName}/{id} where typeName is the entity type. Is there a list somewhere of all the available entity types and what data is required for CRUD operations?  For example what information is needed to create a new project with a specific template.  After tasks are added to the project what information is needed to create a stopWatch entity for a task?  Once a stopWatch entity is created can it be queried for duration information?  Or can it only be updated with a duration and stopped? (not sure how stopwatches work with the API) - any information or a very basic introduction would be much appreciated. 



Anthony Answered

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Hi Anthony,

You can use the Metadata services to get the list of entities (listEntities) and their properties (describeEntities), including list of fields.

Check the metadata section on

As for Stopwatch, it is a data entity as the rest of them. It has a State property to tell its state and OrganizationElapsedTime field.

Please check this post, it contains code samples for managing stopwatch from the API.

Hope this helps,





Ophir Kenig
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