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Custom Action (Customer email) - Insert custom field value into URL alias

  I am creating a custom action that sends an email to customers starting a new project, basically welcoming them and providing a link to their roadmap widget.

We have a custom field called Location Code that is unique to each project and I would like to include that in the roadmap widget URL alias.

So far I have:

{If(RoadMap=TRUE,"blah blah blah: "+'<a href='+GetWidgetHyperLink(currentobject(), "roadmap", NULL, TRUE)+ '>  {C_LocationCode}  Project Roadmap</a>',NULL)}


But the resulting link in the email displays as:

blah blah blah: {$C_LocationCode} Project Roadmap


What I would like to see is:

blah blah blah: ABCDEF-001 Project Roadmap


I'm hoping this is a simple HTML coding quirk but is there a way to add a custom field value to the URL alias?

Richard Mann Answered

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Hi Richard,


GetWidgetHyperLink doesn't return a URL but rather a hyperlink. Therefore, you'll need to parse it first to a URL and reconstruct the HyperLink with your label. Withyour code it should be something like:

{If(RoadMap=TRUE,'blah blah blah: <a href='"+ParseHyperLink(GetWidgetHyperLink(currentobject(), "roadmap", NULL, TRUE))">'+$C_LocationCode+' Project Roadmap</a>',NULL)}


Please let me know it makes sense.


Good luck!



Tamir Avital 0 votes
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Thanks Tamir. It certainly made sense, conceptually, but didn't work in practice.  A little quote and parentheses tweaking by my pro services rep got it working though.


Thanks for the clarification on the URL vs Hyperlink and the required use of ParseHyperLink.

Richard Mann 0 votes
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