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API.Objects.query not returning all results


I'm trying to run a query through a custom page within Clarizen using the API but am having an issue where it is only returning 100 results. I see in customPanelApi.js that the query function accounts for hasMore but not all the data is being returned when the API.Objects.query function is called. How can I have the following API call return all results? Please see code below:

var CZQL = "SELECT SYSID FROM EnhancementRequest WHERE NOT C_BlahBlah = null";
//Do stuff here


Erwin Hernandez Answered

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Hi Erwin,

With performance and security in mind, the API limits the no. of results returned for a single API call.

The default maximum is 100, but you can raise it up to 1,000 and/or make subsequent calls to retrieve more results. To achieve that you have to use the paging property.

Please check the documentation for further information.

Hope this helps,


Ophir Kenig 0 votes
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Hi Ophir,

Using the paging property, the request is not respecting the from parameter in the CZQL query. It doesn't matter what I pass into the following function for numRequests/pageSize, it always returns the same set of objects. I was hoping to just call this function until paging.hasMore = false to build to full data set but since it always returns the same set of objects, paging.hasMore is always true. Please advise.

function APIGetAllCartusRequests(numRequests, pageSize, method, url, body, callback){
var bulkPayload = {
requests: [
url: "/data/query?q=SELECT SYSID FROM EnhancementRequest WHERE NOT C_BlahBlah = null&paging={from:" + (numRequests + 1).toString() + ",limit:" + pageSize.toString() + "}",
method: 'GET'
};"/bulk/execute", bulkPayload, callback);

Erwin Hernandez 0 votes
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