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Accessing Resource information from a Task

I'm adding some automation at the task level, that needs some information from the resource that has been assigned to the task. However, I don't seem to be able to access this, even though there is a link between the two.

When I look at the Standard Fields for the Resource link (RegularResourceLink), there is a 'Reference to Object' field to WorkItems called 'Work Item'. When I look at the definition of this, there is a reverse reference called Resources. I can add this Resources field to my Task view, and it correctly shows a list of resources assigned to that task.

So everything seems to suggest I should be able to access Resource fields from the Task object. However, it doesn't appear in the list of fields in the Formula Options tool when I'm creating a workflow rule at the Task level.

Could you explain why this is so, and how I can get around it?

Andrew Miller Answered

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Hey Andrew,

Yes, you are referring to the resource link. You need to access the resource link when running a workflow rule on any work item object. Also, sometimes it makes more sense to build the rule on the resource link itself than the task level. Please remember to share your actual use case so we can recommend you the best route. 

If you absolutely do need to get information from the resource link level, you can do this using variables. First you need to create a ref to object variable and then update that with resources. This will allow you to access resource link level info from task. Here are the steps:

1. In set actions, select action 1 as Set variable>NewVariable>ref to object>user>NULL

2. Set action 2 as Set variable>Update existing variable. Now change the 'Runon' from CurrentObject to Resources.

3. Under Name, select the variable from Step 1

4. Set Value to TargetObject

Now you have a variable in the context of this workflow rule that represent resources on your task, i.e. currentobject. This variable and related fields can now be accessed from formula options>variable.

Good luck!

- Aman

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Thanks, this didn't quite do what I wanted, but I tweaked a few things, and now it does. The key is that I now know I can set up a variable that contains a reference to an object which I can then access later on.

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I am trying to implement this in a case where there is more than one resource assigned to the task, this is how I have mine set up but it only seems to update the value to ONE of the two resources assigned to the task.


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Hello Kristin,

Reference to Object fields can only hold reference to one object. In this case it would be the last user the second action iterates over. It seems that what you're trying to achieve is available OOTB, please check the standard "Resources" field.

Best regards,


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