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assigning multiple tasks to a single resource results in overload

 Here's my use case...

I have a series of 10 tasks in a milestone. 

  • The milestone's start date is inherited from the start date of the project. 
  • The Milestone's work policy is fixed duration, and it's a rollup of the ten tasks. I presume that means it calculates its duration from adding up that of the ten tasks. 
  • Each of the ten tasks inherits its start date from the milestone. 
  • Each of the ten tasks has a work policy of fixed work, which I set. 
  • The work value has been set to estimates provided by the resource that will be assigned to the work. It's stated in hours, and represents the amount of time that the resource will be heads down, working on the task. 
  • I have assigned the same resource to each of these tasks. 
  • That resource has a maximum allocation of 55%
  • I let Clarizen calculate the duration. BUT....
  • It set all 10 tasks to start on the same date, AND
  • it set the due date based on the duration calculated for that task. 
  • That resource is completely overloaded 

So, it's as though CZN is treating this resource as a different person. I suppose I could set each task as a predecessor to the next, but since it's the same guy with the same max allocation, I'd figure CZN would just push each task downstream after the next was completed. 

Is there an easier way to do this? 

Brunswick Lowe Answered

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To address your issue, it is important to understand the default behavior of the WBS and how the Hierarchy of the Projects, Milestones and Tasks works. By default, 10 Tasks within a Milestone will ALWAYS have the same start date based on the Milestone date unless manually changed. The system does not assume that each task will be assigned to the same Resource or cannot be done simultaneously. The Predecessor functionality allows you to specify these 10 tasks to start once the previous ends thus "pushing task downstream" based on when the Due dates are specified. 

Also, the explanation to your concern about the due date being based on Duration is that you are specifying Fixed Work as your Work Policy. Unless you manually override the duration, the Clarizen system will automatically calculate the Duration based on Work and Unit% as specified at the Resource Panel.

As an example, I will use max allocation of 50% to make it easier. The resource works 8 hours a day so the allocation is 4h per day. A task with 8h of work will auto-calculate the Duration to 2 days. 

Hopefully, this explains this scenario for you. For further information, here are some links to our documentation...

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