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Automatically Assign Milestone Managers as Project Managers

Hi! I'm looking for some help in creating this customization in Clarizen: 

"If a user is a manager on a milestone, automatically make them a manager on the entire project"

Can you advise on how that might be done, or point me in the direction of where I might be able to learn more about this?Thanks!

Stephanie Sladek Answered

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I have not needed to do this, and I will admit I've not tried to do it either, but I would use a workflow rule that runs whenever a new manager is added to the milestone.  The workflow rule could then assign the same user as a manager to the parent project for the milestone.

As I say I've not tried to actually do this yet, so forgive me if this doesn't work properly.  Hopefully it will help you move in the right direction though.

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