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Calculations in Report Highlights

I'm seeing some odd behavior in Report Highlights. One example is this:

I have a report that summarizes the time logged in timesheets from a User Group for a period of time. The report is built with using the following objects:

User -> Reported Timesheets -> Work Item

I want one of the hightlights to show the total time logged, so I set it up as shown in the first image
This returns a value of 11.17 days, which is wrong

I also have the Duration column in the table below, and have the sum of that column shown at the bottom of the table. This shows 70.8 days, which is correct.

If I change the Highlight calculation to the one shown in image 2, which I think is the same, it shows the correct value of 70.8 days.

What is going on?



Andrew Miller Answered

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I have exactly the same issue, I logged it earlier this week and I understand that R&D are looking to fix having acknowledged this as a bug.

I suggest you raise a support request for this too.

Phil Smith 0 votes
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Phil is correct, this is a known issue. The good news is that the resolution is due out this Sunday!

Josh Santos 0 votes
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