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time sheet submitted field

 is there a field that gets updated when the timesheet is submitted on a task ?

We want to compare it with planned hours( work). At the moment we are comparing it with Actual Effort, but that is updated when the timesheet is approved. We would like to compare it before it is approved just submitted. What field has this information?

Avnish Bhardwaz Answered

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Hi Avnish,

Sure. There is a field called Pending Time.

Pending Time automatically summarizes all Unsubmitted and Unapproved time, giving you realtime high resolution on how much time has been spent on a work item.

Here is some more information regarding Pending Time field from our manual.

Why Pending Time is necessary

When using Time Tracking (Timesheets) to report time worked on Projects, Milestones or Tasks, time is not automatically submitted for approval, users must click on the Submit for Approval button on their weekly timesheet.

In addition, your organization may be using Timesheet Approvals, where Project Managers, Direct Managers or Financial Users must approve timesheets (Approvals can be set or disabled via System Settings).

The result is that Resources may have logged time, but have not yet submitted it, or Managers have not yet approved the timesheets, giving the false impression that no progress has been made where in fact work was done. This is where Pending Time is useful.


Hope this helps. 

Thank you,


Bea Genthner 0 votes
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Thanks, Bea

We will try to use this field  as (($ActualEffort + $PendingTimeTrackingEffort) >= $Work)

Avnish Bhardwaz 0 votes
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