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Workflow Rule field in different work items

I'd like to add automatically add the name of the project to the name of a specific task when the project is created (from a template) or when the project name is changed
Currently If I set the rule on the Project level I do not get to relate to the task name on the condition and if I set the rule on the Task Level I do not get to trigger the action when the Project Name is changed - what do I do? trigger one workflow rule from another? how?

Amihay Noy Answered

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Hi Amihay,

Please create a workflow rule on the Project Level. From the project you can access all of the work items - milestones and tasks. You can filter by the task name and update the name according to the changes to the project name. I am including a screen capture I created for you to show you the rule.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,


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@Amihay, is this still valid? I can't seem to find filter related item option based on your screenshot.

I need to update project custom field based on a trigger but I need to access the specific task from another project to get the value and update the custom field on a current project.

Project A

   Custom Field = Task XYZ.$CustomField Value

Project B

   Task XYZ 


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