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API Documentation Incomplete

The API documentation is incomplete. For the sake of clarity, please update the the documentation to include the full, actual commands, instead of shortening them for brevity. It is frustrating to jump around to ensure that I have the correct URI. 

As an example:

//Get a brief description of all types in the account

curl https://../services/metadata/describeMetadata

This is obviously an incorrect command. It should read something like:


Even this command doesn't work, actually. But since I am new to your API, I have no idea how to correct it.

Michael Atwell Answered

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I would expect your examples to work in practice, but this is not the case.

Another example, this command returns an error:

curl -H "Authorization: Session 7ecf9df1-3935-4dbd-ae7f-291bd3ffdc2a_134475" createdOn,title FROM Issue


{"errorCode":"General","message":"Invalid Query: Invalid CZQL (1:6)","referenceId":"vcDtRJlQUdy1CwFFqpguL"}curl: (6) Could not resolve host: createdOn,title
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: FROM
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: Issue

The curl command is obviously not parsing the query properly, but that is what the example says to use, yes? Am I supposed to form this command differently? Then the API documentation should state that, explicitly.

Michael Atwell 0 votes
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Hi Michael,

Actually that's general URL encoding practice that is not specific to Clarizen.

Notice that the query service supports HTTP POST which may more appropriate especially for queries with a longer text.

Hope this helps,


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