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UK and US Calendars - Hours per Day

I have a similar issue that was covered under this post: 

but the comments/resolution don't seem to answer my problem.

I have a project with Fixed Duration that uses a calendar set up for the UK schedule of 7.5 hours per working day.

When I enter a task with a Duration of 1 day, the work calculates as 8.5 h and the Due Date is the day after the start date (for a one day task, they should be the same).

The Global Settings -> Organization Settings calendar is the only one that can set the # of Default hours in a day, but I can't change that one because I need US-based calendars to be set for 8


Catherine McGrath Answered

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We have a very similar issue and Clarizen have a request to develop something that would solve this scenario. If I remember correctly it's due for a January 2017 release.

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