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Projects Resource Management

We have 3 projects for different customers in a region. What is the best way to check Gantt charts or resource planning to assign common resources( consultants) to the tasks on these projects?

Avnish Bhardwaz Answered

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You can use a dashboard/reports to see the availability of your resources and get more information on the current situation. In addition, from the Projects page, select the 3 projects and try using the Resource Load option (under Utilities).

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5 Steps for Getting Started with Gantt Charts

  1. Choose a Template or Build One From Scratch
  2. Mark Your Milestones
  3. Add Tasks, Sequence Events, and Create Dependencies
  4. Watch Your Resources
  5. Collaborate

Don't Rely Too Much on Gantt Charts

I have asked industry experts and they say that they use Gantt charts for planning and to check in on a project, but they don't like to manage day-to-day work in it. "It's a plan, not an execution schedule, typically," said experts.



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