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Resource load remaining effort in weekly view does not show work week

Using the Resource load view in Weeks, it shows the weekly period incorrectly (week does not start on a Monday). Not having working weeks in this view makes resource planning extremely difficult (except for the ongoing week)


Anat Segal Not planned

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For the 'Weekly' period option, I'd like the ability to have the Resource Load/Planning views to be able to default to showing the system set designated work week.

I.e. In our system our work week starts on M and ends on Su. I'd like the weekly view to start on M and end on Su by default. If someone chose to review a different 7-day view, they should then be able to adjust accordingly.




I see this one is set to 'Not Planned'. Should I create an additional request for this? Or will this get updated if more customers happened to request this feature.

James Bridgewater 0 votes
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