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Planned hours on completed task

We have found an issue with planned hours on closed tasks.

We mark a task as Complete when the work is done and finished.

When we mark a task as complete the future planned hours for the task should be deleted but it is not. The hours are still there which means it looks like you have hours planned to do but you don’t. Also, those hours are showing in the task assignment billable, which is wrong.

Answer from Support, request 69206:

Project Team confirmed that this is currently by design. Planned Work in Clarizen does not change to 0 when a task is completed, but rather Remaining Effort changes to 0. 

We think this is a great idea to block out future work, but this would be considered a feature request as the entire design of the resource planning page would need to be changed.

Ulrika Persson Not planned

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Thank you Ulrika! For future reference, the feature request ID is CR-653159.

Diana Sandura
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