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Track outgoing emails

Clarizen One can be configured to send various emails (e.g. emails asking for an approval or notifications of discussion posts). Is it possible to notify a designated person (e.g. the project manager) via email (e.g. by copying them via BCC) when those emails are sent?

The reason for this question is that there should be one repository with all project communication and email is the most common one.

Enneker, Wolfgang Answered

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Hello Wolfgang,

Are you talking about custom or out-of-the-box emails?

This can be done quite easily for custom emails. As for standard emails, they're usually sent to the followers (resources are followers by default, but more can be added manually/automatically if needed).

I hope this answers your question.


Roland Pumputis 0 votes
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Hello Roland, 


Thank you for your response.

I am referring to any email. For example: Two weeks ago, I started a discussion with someone who has not responded yet. This person is a very casual user. I don't  know that she or he has been notified via email. If I would have been copied on the outgoing email, then I would know that she or he has received the notification.

How would I configure this topic in Clarizen One?





Enneker, Wolfgang 0 votes
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