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Preventing a Project from Closing When It Reaches 100%

I want projects to be closed by a custom action as I want PM's to add additional closure information when the project is ready to be closed.  However, projects are being closed because all tasks are being completed.

I could always tell the PM's to not complete a final task and to only use the custom action but people are prone to making errors and either rather remove the potential for errors to be made.

Really, the important point is that the closing info is added whether thats achieved by a custom action or by another means.

Does anyone have an ideas on how I can achieve this?

Martin Jubb Answered

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That's an original request for sure: why wouldn't a project be complete if all of its tasks are complete? Of course PMs could be tempted to close all the tasks to expedite the project closure - or worse, if some tasks are pending completion.

What you describe here is a governance problem: you want an authority to validate the project completion.
As part of my project governance, I've restricted the project manager from closing its project. That is: the PJM will close all of its tasks, the project will be marked as complete. The Workflow rule will pick it up, display a message to the PJM and mark the project as active. Even if the PJM tries to mark the project as Complete, the same workflow will kick-in. The Governance body only has the ability to mark the project as complete, further to review of the project closure review.

Hope this helps



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Hi Chris.  Thanks for the response.

I've done something very similar.  I have a custom action for the PM to close the project and that custom action allows them to add project completion notes and other info that we want to capture.  It also marks the project as completed.

However, people being people, if that process is bypassed by the tasks being marked as completed I have created a workflow that does the following:

I have a Closure milestone and in that milestone there is a task called Close Project.  If that task is marked as completed the workflow checks to make sure the other closure actions have been completed and if they haven't the task will be marked as active again and a message sent to the PM.

It's not 100% fool proof because the task can be deleted/renamed, but that's highly unlikely to happen.


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