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MTA - Milestone Trend Analysis

Dear all,

I need a graphical representation of how a milestone is moving over time.

The due date of the Milestone was 17.12.2019 a year ago, on christmas the due date was 01.02.2020, and today the due date is 22.03.2020.

We have a custom action that saves the data in data objects. (Current date, Milestone name, milestone due date)

But I am struggling building a report that displays "planned milestone due date" on y-axis over a timeline.

The usecase is to report when a planned milestone date has been moved. I.e. displaying the project plan history for this milestone.

The technique is reffered to as Milestone Trend Analysis and seems to be German thing, it is hard to find english references for it.

Any hints are appreciated!

Juergen Riedmann Answered

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Hello Juergen,

I think this is not possible in the Reports module. My suggestion is to create a custom panel for this.

I hope this helps.


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