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I can send a file widget hyperlink to any email address inside of Clarizen.

Can I fire this same function via a workflow rule? I am trying GetWidgetHyperlink but this seems to be only for gantt and roadmap.

Any thoughts?

Dan Cowell Answered

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Dan, I brought this up a year or so ago.  Apparently when the widget feature was introduced, it only had options for Gantt and Roadmap. A function was later built to be able to generate this through WFR/CA.  Sometime later, they expanded the feature to include a 'full view' option but forgot to add that third option to the function.

There is a Change Request logged for the function to be updated to include the 'Full View' option but so far I have not seen that it has been implemented (as your post would suggest).

My guess is there are too few people being inconvenienced by this for its visibility/priority to be increased.

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