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Milestone Edits Counter

I am looking to created a Milestone edits counter column. It defaults to zero when the project is active. It must increment only when due date or total amount fields are edited on a milestone.


The validation rule must only allow 3 edits per milestone.

Edits are only allowed by PM or Project Owner.

It is only for T&M projects not fixed price projects.

Andrew Coffey Answered

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Hello Andrew,

You'll need a workflow rule to update the count of edits and a validation rule to prevent further edits. 

Workflow rule (pseudo-code):

Evaluation criteria:

IsChanged($DueDate) || IsChanged($TotalAmount)

Update field action:

$C_EditsCount = $C_EditsCount + 1

Validation rule (pseudo-code):

Evaluation criteria: 

CurrentUser() <> $ProjectManager && CurrentUser() <> $Manager || $C_EditsCount >= 3 && (IsChanged($DueDate) || IsChanged($TotalAmount))

I hope this helps.


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