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Add non labor cost via dataloader



I am trying to add a non-labor cost to the project using dataloader.

It looks like the NonlaborResourceTimePhase concept is the one to use, since it's the only one where I can add financial information. However, I do not understand what the 'RelatedLink' is in this case?

And is this indeed the correct way to go? 

Karen Verheyden Answered

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Hi Karen,

I've already answered this on our call, but I think it's a good idea to share this because others may find it useful.

This is the data model we're working with:

As a result, in order to be able to load NLR Timephase, one first has to load NLR link. This is necessary, since each NLR can be linked to many work items. When loading NLR Timephase, NLR Link that was created in advance must be populated in the RelatedLink column on the file you're importing.

Best regards,


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