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Allow Admins to Create Grant Temporary Access Links for Any User

These links pose a security threat so only admins have permission to create them, however Clarizen dev team have made it clear that they will not be pursuing the path of allowing admins to "view as a user" because this tool exists. Of course this fails to account for the security risks as the only permissions on the feature is to provide it to admins, all users, or none. Admins cannot generate the link on behalf of another user so the internal troubleshooting and testing methods are just not effective without opening up the system to an obvious breach in security.

Nyssa Woods Not planned

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indeed this can be really useful to allow Clarizen support to investigate a reported issue from a non admin employe.

Florence Smessaert 1 vote
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This would be a great timesaver for end-users who would not be required to stop what they are doing to provide the access link. A timesaver for admins who have to track temporary links down AND mitigate security concerns.

Leo Lovely 0 votes
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