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Add ability to use Slide Publisher on Request Module

Currently we have to build our slides related to project requests (Request module) manually. Would be nice to automate this like we do for projects

Devlend Maul Not planned

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We have the exact same need. Project Requests are created as standalone cases and initially they are not linked to any other object. The whole PR workflow is in Clarizen, but sharing is much easier when you have slides. Today we lack the ability to publish these Project Requests into Power Point format and people are forced to create and update slides manually. It is double work and it is very inefficient. It is possible to publish requests in Word format using the legacy "document publisher" functionality, but formatting and sharing in Word is far from ideal. Requests can also be published via slide publisher as lists of related-items, if they are related to customers, programs or portfolios, but that is not the case. Please add the ability to publish standalone requests, individually.

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