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Display Active and Recently Completed Tasks

Is there a way to display simultaneously Active + recently Completed tasks (for example during the last week). This would be useful to share information during meetings.

I have tried to use the "Actual End Date" field, but if I use this field as a criteria, Active tasks won't show as their value for this field is null. It would be fine to be able to display tasks with a defined Actual End Date + tasks with null Actual End Date.

More generally, it would be interesting to have the possibility to define a selection based on various criteria combined with the operator OR. To my understanding, currently we can combine criteria only with the operator AND.

Thank you.

FANTINI, Marcello Answered

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Hi Marcello,

You're right that OR filter logic is not available in work item modules. It is available in reports though. So one option is to use a report to query relevant work items by using advanced filter logic. There is an alternative if you're willing to create a custom field. If so, create a custom formula field that evaluates to TRUE when the work item meets your criteria. Then filter using that field.

I hope this helps.


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