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WFR - Assign User to Team User Group

I have a WFR that I am trying to leverage to create a new WFR.  They are similar in that the action performed for both links a user object to a User Group object when a field value is updated. Difference the Department WFR leverages the API and SSO setup but, the new WFR will be a manual change, a user will update the Field that Triggers the new link to the user group.   

New WFR Goal:

If the Team value is changed from Null to a Value or if the Team changes from current team to a new team then:

  1. Assign the user to the new Team User group
  2. Remove user from Prior Team user group

I am at the point where the user is assigned to the user group but need the next step to remove the user from the previous user group.

Kimberly Coates Answered

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Hello Kimberly,

Is the workflow rule built on the User entity? 

Thank you,


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