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Ability to auto-save open text inserted into Custom Action Panel without submitting

Feature: When a Custom Action is created on a Project module, you have the option to access the customer action via the 'custom actions' ribbon in the project view.

When you click this, a panel is prompted for the end user to work through the custom action.

Use Case: 

  • Upon a project closing out, we ask our team to fill out a 'Project Closeout Form' (custom action panel on a project). This form has open text answers like: Biggest Win, Lessons Learned, Business Use Cases, Biggest Obstacle, Additional Closeout Notes.
  • Some of our closeout forms can be really long. A consultant may partially fill it out and go back to it later without actually 'submitting' it because there are several required fields.

Current behavior: 

  • If you hit submit, the text in the custom action panel will save.

Desired behavior: 

  • Without hitting submit, I'd like the open text in the custom actions panel to save so consultants can go back to it at a later time.

Current workaround:

  • Consultants use other tools to write their closeout forms and copy/paste the closeout note when they're ready. This is extra work for the consultant and is poor user experience.
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So, as it's a one-time action (i.e. not  a weekly report where the fields would be updated on an ongoing basis), hows about you:

1. load the data from the fields in the form (set the default values of the input fields)

2. add a toggle to the form "Closeout Report Done"

3. Save updates always (users can hit OK)

4. Send email only when toggle selected.

David Goulden

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Are you storing the outputs of the form in separate fields or are you merging them all into a long formatted text field/ discussion post?


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The outputs are stored as a separate fields. One of our main use cases is to push closeout outputs in email form to internal business stakeholders so they can get quick project overviews.

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