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Change dependency pasting functionality

Copying a task from another workplan: if that task has a dependency / successor then when you paste it into your workplan you now have created a cross project dependency that shows up on both work plans. And when I tried to remove the dependency, Clarizen threw a permission error based on the fact that I (rightly) didn’t have access to update the other workplan. Clarizen should use that same error logic applied to the original action (pasting into another workplan) that DID update the workplan.

Not to overstate the obvious, the system should not allow you to create cross project dependencies just by copying a task.

For future reference, the feature request ID is CR-566858.

Diana Sandura Not planned

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The below is for in project copy/paste and cross project copy/paste:

Copy Paste should ask you what you want to include in your paste.  For users that want pred/successor relationships to be pasted then select, if they want resources, dates etc then they can select as part of the paste.  At the very basic level it should not default paste pred/succ relationship as this can completely screw up a users project work plan and cause them to delete the entire thing and start over.  This CR is looked at as a extremely high priority for our user community due to the damage it has done and negative impact to user experience.  

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