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Time Reporting Compliance App

Good Day,

Our organization leveraged Timesheets for our project resources to report time that they work to our projects in Clarizen. Or organization expects that each week our resource report all required time in Clarizen.  To monitor this we wanted to leverage the "Time Reporting Compliance" app from the App Marketplace.  We found that the app would not work with our organization's size and the number of timesheets that we have stored in our platform.  So we rebuilt the app to be used at the user group level in the system instead of the org level.  Our user groups are now running into the same issue that we encountered at the Org level, size limitations. 

As our company is growing I don't see that our user groups are going to shrink.  We would like to use the Time Reporting Compliance app from the APP Marketplace at the org level and be able to drill down into the user groups that are part of the Organizational structure.   Please update the app that is available to work with larger organizations like ours.

Coates, Kimberly Answered

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Hi Kimberly,

Thanks a lot for this feedback. We're aware of the limitations of the "time Reporting Compliance" app. That's why we're working on the alternative solution via our reporting engine. This solution is expected to be ready within a couple of months from now. Once it's out, we'll deprecate the app.

Kind regards, Vadim

Vadim Pilipenko
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Is there any further update on the development of the new report tool?



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