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Add ability to impersonate user for admins

When doing testing in the sandbox environment, I find myself needing to login as other users in order to test the VRs, BRs, and other changes I've made. The process for impersonating a user in Sandbox is quite tedious, here are the steps I take in sandbox:

  1. Navigate to profile of user I want to impersonate and manually update the email address to my e-mail (even after step 1 I already hate this process!)
  2. Once the email address is changed, request a password reset for that account
  3. Wait for the password reset email to hit my mailbox, and then follow through with password reset process
  4. Logout of my admin account, and login using the "user account" that I just reset the password for
  5. Do my testing
  6. Logout of the user account and back in with my admin account to make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 to test with Other user accounts if necessary.

The grant temporary access process is mediocre at best and impersonating a user's account to test or troubleshoot should be MUCH easier.


Providing a simple button in the admin's profile that says "impersonate user" and then allowing the admin to select and switch to another user's account would be extremely beneficial and cut out a significant amount of time needed during testing. You can take a good example of this from the ServiceNow platform, where admins have a button that says "Impersonate User", you select a user from a dropdown list and the screen immediately changes to the impersonated user's view. When impersonating, you then have a button to "un-impersonate" the user when you are done. Very simple, and a quick and easy process!






Daniel Rubin Not planned

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I was struggling with this myself. The workaround I came up with was to create an additional user for myself, assign the appropriate access, roles, etc. (but not admin) and then just login as the additional user. 

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I hate the grant temporary access system, it is disabled for all except admins due to the security risk but as an admin I can't get an access link for other users only myself which defeats the purpose.

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