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Drag and Drop Sorting on Requests, Exposable Sort/Position in List Field Value

I apologize in advance if this answered in another post.  I did search and found a bunch of items that did not relate to the question here.

1. Requests Views (List) - Is there a setting that needs to be enabled for sort by drag and drop to work? These appear to have the ability to be drag and droppable from a sort perspective similar to how a Jira backlog works.  However, when I drag and item and drop to the position where I want it, the item returns to its original position.  

2. Request Views (List) - If the former is true, is there a column value that relates to the sort order that items are placed. I believe in Jira they call this priority. Priority in Clarizen is a user editable field.  

Jason Smith Answered

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Hello Jason,

Could you please clarify where exactly is this drag and drop sorting in the system happening from your screenshot? Requests Views (List) is a custom view to your organization. 

1. I don't believe this is possible.

2. The lists are sorted by columns 'Asceding' or 'Descending' sort:

Thank you,


Vygantas Grabliauskas
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Hi Vygantas,

These are the handles in the first column of the custom view. I checked, settings, columns, and the specific column that represents the handles is not indicated. The view that this is templated from the team view.

I'm able to click on those highlighted diagonal lines and drag and item down the list. 

If you see the position is highlighted (the grey shading) but when I release the mouse button, the item snaps back into place.

I just thought to ask if that "drag and drop" functionality works. I thought I had performed this in the past and wondered if it was able to indicate that numbering in a column or not. If not possible, would be a significant feature to have as you could be stack ranking items with a group of stakeholders.

Thank you,


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