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Integration of Clarizen with Qliksense (BI tool) using API

I am trying to integrate/connect Clarizen with Qliksense (a BI tool) using REST API / Web Service API. What I achieved now is to log in with credentials and get a response of session ID.I want to access to the entire database in Clarizen and connect it into Qliksense but what I found on the documentation pages are specific queries to get certain data. Anybody knows how to achieve this? Many thanks!


(Attached is the REST connector on Qliksense to connect to data sources. I don't know which url to use to access to the entire data source of Clarizen)

Cheryl Answered

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Hi Cheryl,

It is not possible to get all the database in one API call. You can get data from a specific table by using the endpoint. Example: 


{"Q":"SELECT Name,Work FROM Project WHERE DueDate<'2021-01-01' AND StartDate>'2020-01-01' LIMIT 1000 OFFSET 0"}

This would get the first 1000 projects matching the filter (DueDate<'2021-01-01' AND StartDate>'2020-01-01') and return their Name and Work.


I hope this helps.


Roland Pumputis
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