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Creating a Validation Rule based on a Lookup/Linked Field

I am looking to create a validation rule (or other process) to prevent the unlinking of a custom object record from the Project by certain project roles.

On my custom object, "Projects" is a link/lookup field to the Clarizen Project. I have made it so that certain roles are unable to delete this custom object's records by using a validation rule. However, users are given the ability to choose "Unlink" after clicking on the Delete button but the field "Projects" is inaccessible when creating validation rules on the object. How can I prevent these records from becoming orphaned?

Emily Spencer Answered

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Your validation rule likely needs to be on the "LINK" object. When you reference projects in your "Projects" field, you are creating CustomObjectProject links. So, your validation rule should be to block the deletion of these links, at the link level; and, not the objects themselves. 

Hope that helps. 

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