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Incorrect Task finish date calculation


 In clarizen, I have imported an MS Project 2016 schedule after saving mpp as xml file.

    When I compare the project dates in clarizen and MS Project, I see a difference in finish dates of some tasks. 

  For e.g. In Task "Head of Terms Executed", in 

MS Project : Start Date: 18/09/2017, duration: 41 days, End Date: 13/11/2017

Clarizen: Start Date: 18/09/2017, duration: 41 days, End Date: 10/11/2017

It's pretty interesting to see that, the task has same start date & duration, but different end dates.  The calendars are same.

The effect cascades, as I see more tasks with different finish dates. The cascade leads to a big difference between finish date of overall project. 

MS Project ScreenShot :

 Clarizen Screenshot:

I tried finding the reason for this difference in forum, but could not find anything to resolve the issue. 

Please help. 

Nishant Kumar Answered

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Two reasons I could think of why this might be happening: 

  • Is the working day duration in your Microsoft Project and Clarizen environment the same? (8 hrs per day for example)
  • Are there any annual leave/holiday days taken into account in Microsoft Project but not in Clarizen?


Robin Head 0 votes
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Hi Robin, 

    The annual leaves (christmas shutdown) dates are marked as non-working in both clarizen and microsoft project. Moreover, the task above in question, does not spans across the christmas holidays. 

   I tried playing around with working times and breaks. I've set up 8 am - 5 pm as working day, with 1h break. I've set this to all working days. Default hours in a day is 8hrs and 20 working days in a month is set. 

With these changes, the dates have aligned a lot, but I am still getting one issue. Tasks which have 1 day duration, the finish date shows start date+1 day.  

The below two link had the same issue

But the solution provided does not seem to work in my case, or may be i do not understand them clearly. Both these thread suggest that a predecessor task was 1 hr long. 

But in the below screenshot, it can be seen that highlighted task "Primary Site selected" is dependent on "Candidate Assessment Report complete". "Candidate Assessment Report complete" is in turn dependent on "Validation Report". 

Neither "Candidate Assessment Report complete" nor "Validation Report" has 1 hr of work. 8hrs is set as 1 day and the work shown is in alignment with the duration. 

Hence, I can't figure out, why tasks with 1 day duration has finish date as start date + 1. 

Also, why does the project icon (Suitcase icon) , shows an exclamation mark on it ? How can I remove it ?

Please help with these two queries. 


Nishant Kumar 0 votes
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The exclamation mark means that the system is recalculating data (usually dates). It will go away on its own after the recalculations are complete.

As for the one-day inconsistency, this is likely due to differences in time zones. I would check to make sure your organization time zone and end-user time zones are correct (including factoring in Daylight Savings), and that the time zone on your computer is also correct.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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