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Setting exchange rates

I have a USD currency setup in the system and the latest rate has an 'Effective From' date of the 01-Sep-19. I now want to set a new rate effective from today. There are two options: Add next rate period and Add Rate period. If I choose Add Next rate period then the effective date defaults to the 01-Oct-19, and I can't change it. If I select Add Rate Period it allows me to select an effective date but also enforces an end date. 

The Add Rate Period seems like the option I need, but I don't want to set an end date. So my questions are:

1. What if I set an end date and don't add a rate after that end date.....what rate will the system use after the end date?

2. If I want to add another rate before the end date of the previous date, will it override the end date of the previous rate? 

Also as a suggestion could an end date be shown on the Exchange reates Screen?

Jeremy Tiley Answered

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Hello Jeremy,

You should use the "Add Rate Period" button and select the same month in both the From and Till dropdowns:

This will create one period starting from 1st of March, 2020 and this exchange rate will be used until you add a later exchange rate.

Just to clarify, choosing a different Till date would result in multiple periods created.


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