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Expansion of Repeating Slide function within Slide Publisher

The slide publisher add-in has recently been updated to support Portfolios, and also enable repeated slides for related Projects / Programmes.

We have a nested organisation where we have the following concept (with the Clarizen objects in Brackets).

  • L1 - Domain Delivery (Portfolio)
  • L2 - Pillar Delivery (Sub-Portfolio)
  • L3 - Project / Programme Delivery (Program / Project)

Currently using slide publisher we can create a report at L2, whereby we can obviously bring in the related Program / Project information

At L1 we can bring we can report on the related L2 elements, but unable to pull L3 information.

This basically means that if we want to produce a consolidated domain report, someone has to run it at each Pillar and manually assemble (which with 4 domains, and 17 pillars is quite time consuming, especially as there is manual effort becomes frequently the content exceeds the slide boundaries)

The idea / enhancement is to have a repeating Portfolio slide, where we could apply a filter to link the L2 portfolios to the L1 Portfolios (assuming that we could then nest the repeating Project / Program slides underneath).  That should enable the slide publisher to be invoked from he L1 Portfolio object, whereby it would aggregate the L2 Portfolios, and L3 Program / Project information into a single pack.

David Blackeby Planned

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Hi David - 

I see reference to SubPortfolio here but also in the new Portfolio object that was rolled out recently.  Where is the information on creating the custom relation called SubPortfolio? We need this in our environment but not clear on how to accomplish this action with the new object and cannot find anything related to subportfolio in the user documentation except this article and the release info.  

Nancy Wright 0 votes
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Hi Nancy

I had the same question as the original release notes showed a reference to it, anyhow I did get the answer from our CSM.  But here are the steps:-

Custom Field

In Configurations, in the Portfolio Item Type, you need to create a new Custom Field

Field Type: Reference To Object
Referenced Entity: Portfolio

Field Label: In our case I just called it Portfolio
API Name: It will auto assign, but obviously change as you wish

Reverse Reference (tick the box)
Field Label: in our case I named it Sub-Portfolio (this is essentially what will display in the UI when you create a related item)
API Name: It will auto assign, but obviously change as you wish

The remaining fields (Read Only, Financial are as per normal, and we didn't specify a default value)

Profiles Setup

Once you have created the field, you now need to enable it, this is done in the Profiles section

In the Portfolio object, edit the Related Items, and you should see Sub-Portfolio (or whatever you named it) listed in the Available column, add it to your selections and save.


Within a Portfolio now, under the Add Related button, you should see Sub-Portfolio as an option, you can now associate sub-portfolios to your portfolio.


For reference we also did similar things so we could create Portfolio Risks, Issues, and other custom object links (in our case we have Actions, Decisions)

Hopefully that helps!  

David Blackeby 0 votes
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