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Enhancement ideas for Workflow and Custom Actions : 

1 - Allow enabling/disabling workflow steps.
We could be able to enable or disable single steps in our WF and custom actions.

2 - Allow duplicating workflow steps
We could be able to duplicate single steps in our WF and custom actions.

3 - Allow wrapping existing steps with "conditional action list" 
We could be able to wrap single steps with conditional action list ( or with some other actions if possible ).

4 - Custom naming support for variable names :
Don't use auto naming in steps like NewObject1, NewObject2 etc.
When you remove the related step, it is affecting all existing steps and breaking the code. We should be able to give our variable names.

5 - Error handling support for Workflow steps :
Workflows are automatically disabled after getting a fixed number of errors.
Make that optional by the workflow. We should be able to choose the action like: "disable, continue, notify users" etc.

6 - Move support for Workflow steps :
Workflow steps should be movable across different steps.
For now, you can not move a child step into another parent step.

7 - Outbound Call Custom Variable Support
Custom variables should be sendable with outbound API calls.
For now, only context entity properties are sendable. But sometimes we need different custom values to be sent. 
We should be able to define a custom variable in the workflow step, which could be selectable from the available property list.

8 - API URL QueryString support 
API URLs for outbound calls should support query strings and curly bracket replacement hence we can use dynamic variables or organization level values. ( it will be a lifesaver when you change/use different API domains in the sandbox and live) 

example : 
url : https://{Organization.BaseAPIDomain}?customParam1={customValue1}&orgId={Organization.ExternalID}

9 - Custom SCRIPT Panel :
There should be also a CUSTOM SCRIPT section in global settings panel just like we have CUSTOM CSS panel. We should be able to tweak some functions by using our custom js functions.

10 - The Impersonation Feature
For easy problem detection, you can implement the "Impersonation" feature.
Most of the times we are struggling with repeating the exact same problems of some specific users. With the "Impersonation" feature, we (the admins) should be able to login into the system as a target user in order to simulate his/her session in an exact way.

11 - The documentation and forum replies should be improved.
This is a crucial thing for newcomers. Most contents are invalid or expired.
Rest and SOAP API documentation and forum replies /questions should be separated. There are better forum tools. Zendesk forums are very primitive and hard to find. 

12 - Email improvements: 
Let us manage email contents and email events.
There are lots of events triggering default emails but we couldn't change or enhance the contents. 
We need to manage those events individually ( enable/disable),
we should be able to update the contents of those emails according to business requirements. 

13 - Log improvements : 
Error log page should be searchable by text, by entity ( workflow ) and by user and dates.
The error logs should be paginated. If there are more than 500 errors, then it takes quite a time to load this page.
And please make those errors messages much detailed. It is the only clue that we are identifying the root cause of the problems.

14 - Outbound Call Logs : 
Also, we need to be able to see outbound call logs.
We need to see which outbound URL is triggered by which WF or custom action and when?


15 - Static Text Field types for Custom Actions : 
It would be nice to put some informative texts/labels above or below the custom action form variables.
Cant we introduce a new variable type lets say "Static Text", which gives us an ability to place some informative texts or create some sections in the same form.

Please try to add some of those items in your roadmap and release plans.
You saved end-users life up until now.
Now, you should focus on the DEVELOPERS' requests :D


Mustafa Kipergil Not planned

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Still no updates here ? 
Can't understand why those useful feature requests are always ignored.

Can't you create a uservoice account, and collect the the user needs on features and at least you can act according to voting counts ? 
I believe there are lots of other developers/users which will benefit the features above. 

Mustafa Kipergil 2 votes
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#10 is a MUST! When I am testing different user types and VRs for new features, I want to be able to quickly impersonate a user instead of having to change the user's account email, reset the account password, go to my email and reset the password, and then finally I can logout as my admin self and login to the sandbox as the end user, just to test something!

You can take an example from ServiceNow. The process there is: Click the "Impersonate User" button, select user, and voila! my screen mimics the user I'm impersonating (with a button to quickly un-impersonate the user when I'm done).

Daniel Rubin 1 vote
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These suggestions were sent on February 15, 2019.
Is there any progress on any of those ? 

There are really useful features for devs.
And I believe some of them should be that hard to implement.



Mustafa Kipergil 1 vote
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I like these requests as well. There is some movement on number 14. 

Josh Santos 1 vote
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Guys, Any update on those items ? It has been almost 2 years that I posted this list and couldnt see much progress.
In order to increase developer engagement. I really recommend you to consider those items. Today i again needed item 7 and item 8.

For Item 8:
We have sandbox and prod environments but during the migration outbound call urls are overridden always,
so how can we make outbound call urls more dynamic ? ( IE : sandbox instance will use sandbox outbound call domain and prod instance will use prod outbound call domain )

If you can add curly bracket support into those url parameters, then at least we can define/use contextual parameters and pass them over to the URL.

Something like : 

For Item 7 : 
In the SENT field section we can only pass over current workflow object properties.
But sometimes we want to send over additional values like an organisation property, or a variable which set in the WF context.
So it would be nice to add additional key-values into outbound call payload besides contextual item properties.

Please review those items once again and i hope you can put some of those into your roadmap.
Feel free to reach if you need more details on any item.

Mustafa Kipergil 1 vote
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Still no update ? Especially on items 7, 8 and item 9.

Mustafa Kipergil 1 vote
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I agree here too - it's a good list - I'm struggling with the Maximum actions of 10 also.


I've also used Grant Temporary Access, which worked pretty well.  But an easier - in browser method would still be awesome.  I want to see straight away what it looks like for a regular user.

Andy Johnston (AU) 0 votes
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For no.10 I've sacrificed another license so I can keep a separate profile open when I'm working. Be good to be able to free that up as it's costing the company money, but saves a lot of time...

Andy Johnston (AU) 0 votes
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