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Alert Functionality

I want to be able to sent an alert one week before a due date to make the resource aware a due date is approaching and 

I want to send another alert 1 week after a due date to make user aware they have an overdue activity.

 I want to be also able to send these alerts to named people.

How do I go about this. Clarizen does not seem to have standard alerts available that does this in system settings or Email Notification Manager that does this.


Rani Shergill Answered

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This is possible to do with workflow rules, but can send a tremendous amount of emails. I would recommend training users on how to best utilize their personalized views to see upcoming and past-due tasks, but if you would like to go the email-notification route you can work with your PS consultant. Progress emails are also a nice out-of-the-box way to get a consolidated view of all tasks that need updates without sending too many emails.

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