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I need to update "Actual Cost" after the fiscal month end using the REST API - but some projects have a state of Completed, On Hold or Cancelled

If the project State is Active - my API update works (using Upsert)

If the project State is On Hold - I can active, and update but can not figure out how to set lifecycle back to On Hold - I tried both /data/Lifecycle and using upsert via /bulk/execute

error with Lifecycle:

{"errorCode":"InvalidArgument","message":"\r\n Invalid operation: On Hold\r\n Parameter name: Operation","referenceId":"6YxOCQyOuSUJRKxoLdslt"}

error with upsert:

{"responses":[{"statusCode":500,"body":{"errorCode":"InvalidOperation","message":"Invalid operation: Field 'State' cannot be updated. The field is marked 'read-only'.","referenceId":"147WDj7jIknVFjuEqKg5zo"},"headers":[]}]}

any suggestions?

 Anyway to avoid the rules from getting run?  I don't want the "Actual End Date" to get updated.  I can save it to possibly  set it back - but don't think it will let me do that.


Edward Sullivan Answered

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